Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kimchi Haru

Since Wolfie keeps plurking about how he was terharu by the auntie from Kimchi Haru, we pleaded him to bring us there again to see how haru haru is it gonna be. He said the food could be really addictive. Really?

There were 4 of us for lunch that day and Wolfie was the only guy. How lucky to be our ji mui huh? Haha.

The restaurant is on the upper floor of the shop selling magazines/ might be a 7-eleven, and is kinda small & cozy. Very nice and comfy. :)

After placing the orders, we were served with kimchi and salad. There are both refillable. *yums*

Our food (I can't remember the names in Korean and I left the receipt in the car):
mine- a pork belly chili paste broth & rice set, Wolf - Beef Bibimbap, Ju - fried kimchi bibimbap rice & G - fried glass noodle.

my banchan (side dishes) - potatoes, spring onion stem with dried shrimp & fried tofu

my rice and broth set - just nice, not too spicy nor sour, at least I wont feel jelak with it

beef bibimbap - according to Wolf, it's nice. That's it and I called it as 'dog food'. Haha.

Now I know why he was terharu the last time. He got terharu again for the second time at this visit. The auntie was indeed real nice, she called us some Korean handmade pancake on the house and smiled so sweetly at us. Awwww...

Overall, it's really recommended to go for a try, but it might not have that authentic taste and it's not a Korean BBQ place. Therefore, no many many side dishes given. A nice and quiet place for lunch, not too expensive either.