Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Mask, anyone?

Promoting one of the best selling masks in Taiwan at the moment.....I got a sample from a friend, and this mask is really good...+ affordable and definitely not gonna burn ur pocket. Effective as ever and is just as good as the expensive SK - II or Anna Sui or BioTherm hahhaa..
It's a collagen mask and it suitable for any skin type. AS u know how collagen is GooD to ur skin.. heheh, has the effect of 'brigthening' and not 'whitening', u can put on the mask everyday for rapid effects and i know it's annoying... but I still cant believe how cheap it is!! hheheheh.. Thanks for the sample anyway...

There's always a nice feeling after each time u pamper ur face with a mask. Refreshing and super clean and super smooth hehehe.. Gonna be addicted to it soon :P
Unfortunately, I don't think you can find this product anywhere local here as it is manufactured in Taiwan and is an Australian brand. Not market in Malaysia yet.. I guess?
Not bad trying this new product, I am satisfied with it. Recommend to u guys if u could find it anywhere. Btw, the brand is 'Dainty'.