Tuesday, January 01, 2008

tian tian

"ying wei you huo, shuo yi you huo hua

yi wei bi he, maya shong cu yi jian shou suite

he bian he lun, hong tut tut, huang pian pian"

the best thing about those few lines of chinese poems, is the feeling when those words were uttered. Anyone who knows chinese will find them plain nonsense, but for me, those are really meaningful as there are only 2 people who wil understand the whole thing. Two faces facing each other gazing at each other's eyes.. The smaller one was cuddled as a baby by the bigger one. When the whole poem was decided and remembered, she pleaded him to write them down for she was afraid of forgetting them. He said those are plain no-meaning words and crazy but she insisted. So he got down from the bed to get a pen and some papers. He returned to the bed and laid beside her and was ready to write the poem down.. She looked at him as he was jottting down those words.. She felt happy and sweet not because of the poem, but the way he was willing to do such nonsense stuffs together with her. They had a good laugh the whole nite because of the poem...

These memories are priceless. The time u spent with your loved ones are equally priceless too. Do treasure every moment, think about them each and every time and you will laugh a little by urself or will be smiling the whole day...


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