Saturday, November 28, 2009

Blue Boys - Gay place

Blue Boys, Jln Sultan Ismail, KL
26th Nov 09

This is my first experience entering a gay place. How do I feel?
The place was so DODGY! I felt like leaving the place the next second I stepped in.
Once I lift up the curtain covering the main entrance to get in, I don't feel like entering again. Yeah, it's that bad & horrifying, sadly.

It was so beyond my expectations, oh well, maybe I was expecting to get into a "happening" gay CLUB... and not a pub. The "receptionist" looked like a she-male and we were early that night, so it was kinda empty. Saw a group of guys looking at us or maybe laughing at us. Maybe we looked too scared there. My poor guy friend, he was really terrified and swore that he will never ever follow us to this kinda places again.
Sorry, I just cant stop laughing at the thought of the carpark guy asking us "What do you all plan to do? Are you celebrating for him?" I was like, "CELEBRATING?" ROFL!!

Anyhow, it was a good exposure though.. maybe we shouldn't reach there so early.. Perhaps we could stop by around midnite to really see the "real" crowd.

**Too bad, no pictures. I'm afraid that they might just come and scold me. Haha.

We kinda had a hard time looking for this place as my friend keep telling me it's near Regent Hotel.. Hello, there's no more Regent hotel. HAHAHA.... we went 3 rounds! 3 rounds around the Bukit Bintang area! and at last, since I was kinda sure it's opposite KL Plaza, we turned into a small alley next to Grand Millenium Hotel. BlueBoy was just at the middle of the back row of shops. It was really dodgy because they wouldn't even wanna light up the sign board. Luckily for my eagle eyes. HAHA.

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