Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I need a miracle.

I woke up with an empty mind today, or rather yesterday morning.
My mind was blank and I questioned the need for me to wake up and go to work.
I don't even feel like going to work. I felt empty.
I had a feeling.. a feeling of nothing, emptiness, blank.
I desperately needed something to happen, I needed a miracle.
I hate myself for reading horoscopes predictions.
I hate getting mails from Bethea  telling me it's my auspicious moment, it's my moment of wealth and all those bullshits.
The more I read, the more I put hope on it that something might happen,
and now, I am avoiding those stuffs. I rather not know anything nor hope for anything.
It seems like nothing is gonna happen and I'm gonna stay empty like this till god knows when.
Everything seems to be so wrong at this period of time.
Everything seems to turned out the opposite way.
So, I ran. I run and run with an empty mind. Running is the best way for me to focus and forget about my need for something to happen. But I didn't feel satisfied this time.
Somebody, give me a miracle.