Sunday, November 22, 2009

lomo craze (lol)

done! tried so many times.. and now I've got the effect that I want.

Famous Nasi Lemak place in Kg. Senibong
It's a nice place for u to run to when u have problems in life.
Came here a few times to clear my mind and have a peace of mind.
The nasi lemak was awesome too!

Derlin's 24th Birthday - 19th November
Happy birthday my buddy. 8 years and counting on..
We met each other when we were just kids and we've grown so much today.
I still remember you were asking me a stupid question to break the ice then,
"What's ur hobbies?"
and I laughed cause I felt you were a fool to ask that question.
Only boring guys ask that questions. Haha!!
Nevertheless, you've been with me through all the ups and down,
and pls forgive ur friend for not spending more time with you.
I promise I'll bug u more than ever now.

p/s: Sweepy was making fun and laughing at my note-to-self on my phone's screensaver. Well, I actually wrote a little note of "Freeze Shopping". What's so funny about that? He keep repeating that again and again and made me looked like a fool laughing along with him. Well, u know what, u're just superb, and still the best taking up the clown role :P

Geet's Farewell lunch at TGIF, The Gardens, MidValley - 20th November
The well known girl in the company as the fussiest ever girl, haha..
and of course the girl with beautiful poems and beautiful eyes..
who's also a great friend of mine
and great company in the office.
Noone will accompany me to dress up in the office anymore now :(

p/s: there were guys there too but there's only girls in this pic bcoz all of us were having dessert that time! Haha!