Tuesday, November 10, 2009

KATE GlamTrick BK-1 eyes

BK-1 is perfect for creating the smokey black eyes look without making you looking like you’ve been punched or looking like you haven’t been sleeping for a few nights. Haha.

Well, this palette is actually a birthday gift from me to my sister and I’ve borrowed it today to do a swatch and to try on the colors.

Since I’m off from work for the whole week, I need to find something to do and here you go, I’ve decided to do a simple tutorial on how to achieve this elegant smokey black eyes. =)

KATE GlamTrick Eyes in BK-1 (smokey black)

I've skipped color1 here and used color2 as the base for the whole lid.
I find color1 is more suitable for underneath the brow or apply at the inner corner of the eyes,
something like an eye widener since it's too white.

Color 3 is applied on the whole crease. Blend it out lightly towards the over the crease.

Wear Color4 on the outer crease and blend it out evenly.

This is how the color looks without applying the final color5 which is in Black.

The color black from the palette can actually be used as the eyeliner.
Apply it along the eye line and slightly blend it out a little.


Final look of GlamTrick eyes in BK-1. Like it?

hahah this is what I do when I have lots of free time *wink*