Friday, July 17, 2009


what's the hype bout cupcakes nowadays?
ewww I hate cupcakes.
I had enough of them since young.
Mum used to bake lots of cakes and cupcakes and cookies and I'm afraid of them till now.
Haha... Don't get me wrong, they're awesome but it's just that I'd too much of them..
That I will not ever wanna buy any cupcakes or cookies from any stalls outside. What is more to actually eat them. :S

Okay, so wondermilk has gotten all the hoo haaas and I think it's a trend that people buy them as birthday gifts nowadays...
It seems to be an easy and save b'day gift. Pretty to look at, but not tasty in the mouth.

However, I must say that the interior of the place caught me off guard. I love the place at instant! The place has a touch of vintage and so random things placed at all corners. It gives a comfort feeling to your heart. I feel almost at home.
Most important of all, no waiters walking around asking you what you want or salesperson following you from the back.

I might come back again just to chill out, but not for the cupcakes. Sorryzz.. :D

p/s: I came here today to get a cuppie for someone on his birthday. A mini cupcake with pink topping plus a lil red Heart on top. sweet~~
Happy Birthday, someone. :D