Thursday, July 16, 2009


Saturday, 4th July 2009, Sg Buloh Mudtrekker, Kuang.

This was the company's long awaited outdoor activity - PAINTBALL!
Everyone was joking about shooting the bosses but sadly, not many bosses / managers turned up. I think only 3 managers were spotted that day.

Journey to the Mudtrekker was not that long, but confusing. The map provided was indeed quite confusing and yes, lots of us were lost that day. Haha. However, someone did mentioned that I was a good navigator. :P

I thought the place would be muddy as what the name itself suggested, but it wasn't that bad though. It was an outdoor base and therefore, the settings were like the reality or as if u were having a war in the jungle. There were around 70-80 of us and we were separated into 4 teams. We played for like 7-8 games as each person get around 500 pellets!

My team was not that aggressive though and we were like hiding most of the time! The other team came ambushed on us and therefore, we were the losers. Hu HU... Didn't really get to take lots of macho pictures there as most of the photographers were in my team or the opposite team of mine.

Too bad :(

My team!

This was my first ever paintball game and was kinda scary at first but it was damn FUN.
Boy, paintball is addictive. I would really really wanna play again!

Fresh shot on my leg, can actually see the bruise d.. :( (right side)