Sunday, July 05, 2009

NYX haul

Do you consider yourself lucky when you managed to grab stuffs when it's on sales, especially sales till like 50% and above?

I do feel a little lucky, but yeah I know that's a lil dumb. :S

But wth, I am so happy when I see the stuffs from the mail! *all smiles*

I got them all during the NYX Grand 50% SALES via, via Mandy dear. NYX is a foreign cosmetic brand here, but these are very good quality stuffs that people normally take them as dupes for MAC. There are just so cheap and nice and make you feel simply.... lucky & happy. :D


I think I managed to control myself though.. didn't really buy alot this time.
(Black Label lipstick for $3, Round lipstick $1 each, Pearl mania (pigments) $1 each, lipgloss $2)
total all together not more than RM100 i think.

quality wise, seriously, don't ever waste $$ on Loreal, Maybeline, Revlon, etc anymore. These are way cheaper and better and i really do think that these are on par with high-end products.


Lippies - Black Label (Nude), Round Lipstick (Milan), Round Lipstick (Femme)
Texture is soft,smooth, and color is very pigmented. Quite long lasting and moisturizing too.

Wearing Nude alone makes me looked a little pale, but after applying a coat of lipgloss on top, i kinda get the catwalk nude lips look. Haha.
As for Milan, this is not really the color that I wanted tho, this color looks a little different and darker than the swatch from the internet. This is like a dark mauve on me although other people described it as the perfect warm pink tone. Buying online sucks when this happens. Hmm..
Femme on my lips is like a flaming red with orange tone. Not too bad although I don't really wear red lipcolor. I'm still searching for the best Coral color lippie.

Milan on my lips. I actually just dabbed it on to stain my lips instead of applying it on so the color will not be too intense. I think the color is not so bad tho. :D

The Ultra Pearl Manias - Nude, Mink, Walnut, Charcoal, Turquoise, Lilac (I actually ordered more, but all were out of stock)


Other than the NYX stuffs, I also bought the highly raved Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP). No, this is under the same spree. Bought this from another friend in LYN who just got back from the US. Got it at a pretty decent price, RM70. Don't really think we have Urban Decays here.

so, what's this? this is the short intro of this product. hehe.

i tried this
"There's a genie in this bottle and she fulfills three wishes:eyeshadow that lasts, color that stays vibrant all day, and absolutely no creasing. A wave of the wand applies this nude-colored miracle cream to lids. Then brush your favorite eye color and watch it fail to disappear... like magic! "

You just gotta believe what the genie says. :P


□ WINSPARK □ said...

I love CherryCulture. It seems like they're always having sales so I don't feel as bad when I purchase a junk load of products large enough to break my pocketbook. xD