Friday, July 31, 2009

Jazz with Sharizan

Jazz performance by Sharizan & band
24th July 2009
Alexis, Jln Ampang

Great music, great drinks, great jokes, great companies,
Great night.

I never knew who Sharizan was, but heard from lots of people that he's good. Well, yeah that particular night proved it. He was really good not only in his singing but also with his humour.
I still don't get it why did he called it the Ham Chim Peng gang and sang the funny song about ham chim peng.

Wanted to try the famous Alexis Tiramisu again but unfortunately was already sold out when we got there. Next time then! Love the drinks. Pimm's No 1 is my new favourite drink now. :D


hey drummer boy!


lel, geets, me


the girls and of course, Sharizan the man


best picture of the night - the 3 drinkers down!
llooking forward for another session in Alexis
and my new favourite drink.