Saturday, July 11, 2009

paintball casualty

this is the worst shot i've got after the 6-7 matches of paintball.
*gonna do another proper post for this after i get some proper pictures from some ppl*.

the shot (day 1, day 2, day 3)

after a week....

the middle area of the shot is so damn itchy now! Can't scratch it, coz it will hurt alot but at least, the bruise & the pain have subsided. :S

my dad asked me not to play this again. he said how can i play such a dangerous game.
dad: "they use pellets izit?"
me: "of coz la!"
dad: "i tot they use paintballs?"
me: "yala, inside the pellets got paint 1 lar"
dad: "ooh, dun play anymore la. chi sian!"

my mum asked me how come i didnt use Zambuk? err i dunno where can i get that.
mei asked me how am i suppose to wear skirts
dehao asked me not to played anymore too
bro just laughed at me
colleagues said > " i was badly hurt, mine was the worst shot of all, damn the shooter/marker, disgusting, cant eat after looking at it, will u play again?, u have to 'chut' it, wanna go see doctor or not?, etc. .

Me? I say i will definitely wanna play again :P