Saturday, July 04, 2009

L'egere BB Cream

I got these in a parcel one early morning in the office.
After the frustrations of dealing with the admin fella, this made my day. =)

It's my newly bought L'egere BB cream from Korea. The seller, she gave me some free candies too.
I picked L'egere over the many other brands of BB cream after the great reviews from some of the famous beauty bloggers, especially Fuz.
Have to get myself a new BB cream as the current one is running real low. I'm currently using the pink Skin79 BB cream and I didn't want to repurchase as I would like to try out other brands. It's good enough, but i'm still searching for a better one.

I tried L'egere this morning for my paintball activity. A good test tho. :P
I only applied my moisturizer + sunblock and followed by L'egere BB cream. No foundation/ loose powder/ anything on my face.

- Good oil control, better than Skin79. After all the sweating and sun, from early morning till 5pm, my skin appears dewy and not oily. *we're talking bout lots of sweating here*
- Good coverage, better than Skin79
- Texture wise, it's not as blendable as Skin79, but it's still fine for me
- Color is darker than Skin79 and I was shocked at first.. but it blends to the color of your skin well.
- No specific smell
- Packaging is not as attractive as Skin79, but it's practical enough.

I think it's just great!
it's simply my HG BB cream now.