Monday, June 15, 2009


I have a mission,
a mission to tie my hands, to stop the itch and urge of buying more stuffs.
this is crazy, why is it so damn hard?
My muscles are aching so bad,
so bad till it's really hard to walk and yes, I lose the interest in walking around the shopping mall, and most importantly of all, I lose the interest of shopping. haha. how ironic.
Finally, I cut my hair on Saturday.
Looked for Eva again, too bad she doesn't recognized me.
it's a good thing for me, cuz, I don't know,
I just have this phobia or fear of some stranger knowing me
and having to pretend that I know her so well.
She told me her stories of how she was dumped by her ex boyfriend,
she said that she was sad and she cut my hair for 3 rounds.
Thank god I think my hair still looks okay.