Saturday, March 07, 2009

happy friday

Friday, the 2nd 13th of the year, 2009
I'm so blur, it's not the 13th yet. It should be - "Friday, 6th March 2009."

Though we were made to believe that Friday the 13th, is a no good day, or a bad day, I think it was a happy day for me! :D
Okay, so it was a Happy day for me.. =P

At work..
I'm grateful and happy when I was assigned to a new project so soon. Some people get to sit in the office for 3 months before getting any project, or some, might be sitting in the office for months. So, why is Friday such a happy day? I get to solve 2 major problems in our requirements in the SAP system we're configuring! =)
*i know this might be kacang for some people, but i'm proud of myself just with this little achievement!*

Come lunch...
"The healthy bear" recommended us to go for Italian food for lunch in Damansara Mutiara, which actually is in Metropolitan Square, Damansara Perdana. However, we end up walking to and fro the row of shop lots for 3 times looking for the restaurant (that has gotten the name changed, and he didn't know about it, and he claimed that it has disappeared) and we finally settled for another nice ambience restaurant - Deutsches Gasthaus 3.

It seems that this place has not recovered from the last October Fest yet with all the deco & posters. Beer Lovers, this is the place to be!
Food was pretty slow to be served and we almost wanted to bang the table and chant "we want food! we want food!"
Prior to that thought, our pumpkin soup came.. heheh. Long live Pumpkin!

The restaurant & its deco

My Calamansi juice & cutleries

Pumpkin soup & bread

my unappetizing Seafood Tortellini - looking like an Italian version of wantans. Not so tasty, and as my fellow colleagues felt sorry for me, each of them gave me a little something of their own to taste. :)

garlic bread

Hawaiian chicken - Love the sauce and the pineapple! thumbs up!

Fish fillet- nice sauce too, a little spicy.
Fish fillet Risotto - not so tasty.. hehe

After work & dinner in The Gardens...
Went to Paddingtons Pancakes again.. i like!
p/s: i saw a gay couple (the waiters) grabbing and rubbing each other whenever they get the chance and i get to steal a couple of glances on their actions.

Seafood Marinara pie

Grilled Lamb

After dinner... WATCHMEN!!!
Gosh, this is the first time I watched a movie in GSC The Gardens. I didn't know the ticket price is double the normal GSC outlet and it's not even the GOLD class tix. Hmm.. Well, all the seats in the cinema I went in are actually couple seats and you actually get a blanket service too. Not too bad for the price lar.. Hahahs..

The movie..

I personally like this picture of the older batch of Watchmen alot..
I'm not sure how to write a review on this movie. I have mixed feelings for it - some parts are pretty boring, some parts are very meaningful, some parts are action - packed. I was quite confused with the storyline from the beginning till almost the end. I was totally bewildered by the opening of the movie not knowing and not understanding what was it about..I think the story is full of digressions and confusing narrations. Perhaps, that's because I have not read the comic nor saw the cartoon and I have no idea on what Watchmen is all about before this.. However, the ending was the part that I like the most as that's also the part that I finally get the meaning of it. :S
But overall, the actions are considered great.


AL said...

Why did you go and have Italian food in a German restaurant? Their signature is the pork knuckle, and pork & other kinds of sausages =P

... your turn to do food-blog? Nice reviews~ =)

- msc - said...

ya ya, i know, stupid choice.. :P
we were actually planning to have italian in "BellaRoma" but we thought it was closed and didn't know the name changed and it's jz next door and we still wana have italian lo.. :S
i thought pork knuckle n sausages sets seemed to be too heavy for lunch lo, so i end up eating 4 "wan tans"! T.T

AL said...

Ohh, you meant it was just a name change to Guzzle..? I thought it switched hands, coz they did major renovation prior to the switch.. Have yet to try them out though..

That wantan was yr only meal? Gosh, no wonder I can never be like you =P

- msc - said...

i'm not such a 'small' eater k? =P
i was really disappointed with the portion. Really! and i even made other ppl to donate some of theirs to me.. how pity.. kekkekeke