Monday, March 09, 2009

Dinner in ZEN Japanese Restaurant

I just came back from a sumptuous dinner and I can't wait to share the good stuffs!

Over the months or maybe years, I've heard from lots of people's recommendations that this place is great for the food, and finally, I managed to find the time to get there (sunway) for dinner.

The place is located near Kim Gary or the bar/club, and it's where you have to take the escalator up to another floor. It's quite a small place yet cozy and the ambience's great. Good service from the waitresses and waiters too.

The menu is so huge that it slipped off from my tiny hands once. I was so eagered to flip and flip and off the menu from me. Hehehs. I can say it's quite a huge variations you can choose from the menu. I thought of trying each and everything in it! Thank goodness for the english explanation beneath each name of food in japanese.

The first thing that I know I have to order is.. of course, the Salmon Sashimi! The dish came in 7 fat pieces of salmon and it costs RM20 only. I would say it's very worthy as the portion is huge and fresh and juicy. *yum yums*

*slurpsss *


The other food that we ordered:

Clockwise: Ebitan Tobiko spider roll, spicy salmon handroll, ebiko and tako sushi (my classic 'must have') & Kani Chawanmushi (shark fin + crab meat)

The spider roll here is not something to shout about, but it is up to the quality and taste, while the sushis came in smaller sizes compared to other Japanese restaurants and for once, I can fit the whole sushi into my mouth at one go. The Tako is so delicious and Fresh. Trust me in this as I've tried tako in various places. =P

Something that I would to shout out here is actually the Kani Chawanmushi (shark fin + crab meat + mushi). First spoonful and I can't stop having another spoonful. Maybe that's also because this is the first dish that came to my hungry stomach. But what I'm trying to say is, this is excellent! Same for the temakis. :D

Sushi + Unagi Zen set & SALMON sashimi!!

I have to confess that I 'hate' Unagi.. or to put it nicely, I normally will not order anything with Unagi as I've bad experience with a bad Unagi before. So today, I faced with my own fear. haha. To my suprise, it's not so bad after all, in fact, it turned out really good and I can actually finish a whole fillet! This whole Unagi set came together with 7 different sushis that I normally don't eat, but it's a good thing as I get to taste them. The sushis were satisfying and their sashimis were very fresh too.

Overall, it was a great dinner. Will go back to try some other food next time although price wise it's above the average.

After dinner, I saw and bought this from the store next to the restaurant. I missed it..