Sunday, March 08, 2009

Spa with Natio

After a whole tiring day of shopping in KL that makes me sulk because I can't really get to buy anything I really like, I went home with aching feet and a grey cloud on top of my head.
So... I decided to retreat myself with the DIY Ayurvedic Spa with Natio!
*more on Ayurveda/ Ayurvedic here

I got this Natio DIY Home SPA pack back in Christmas and yesterday night (Sat) is the first time I opened and actually used it. *smile*

The process begins with..

- splashing the whole body with the shower.

- take small amount of the salt and massage onto parts of the skin in a circular motion for one minute. btw, it's called the "One Minute Miracle Body Polish".
It contains sea salt, sesame, ginger and lemon. Smells very lemongrassy tho..

- use this to massage your body.

- finish the process Continue by cleansing your body with the Pep-Up Body Cleanser, which smells of lemongrass and refreshing. I am imagining myself in an open-bath with wooden & stones deco, plus with the invigorating aromas of peppermint, eucalyptus, lemongrass and basil to uplift my senses.

- finish up the process by massaging the Luminous Body Lotion onto the whole body. It's a perfect moisturizer before you go to bed. It contains sweet almond, sesame, lemon and lavender. Love the smell alot!

For the face, i cleansed, exfoliated and put on a mask to sleep..
Felt so clean and fresh and relaxed. =)