Thursday, February 26, 2009

sponge bob no pants

one more day to go and i am done for sap functional hr training! since the first week, i have been studying and learning on the different modules and absorbing as much as i can as a sponge. my head is heavy already now.

one thing, i really do enjoy this training class as the trainer is such a funny guy and blunt. ;-)

some of the random things:

lunch - drove out to SS17 to this place with the famous non-halal nasi lemak with PORK rendang/ pork sambal..

Thumbs up for it!

a souvenir from my colleague who went to holiday in Bangkok. thanks :D

dinner at this famous place near MPPJ - Teochew Duck Rice.

tasted quite authentic as I feel that this is how duck meat should taste like. Love the texture of the meat as well. The place was also really really packed that night.


xiao li said...

i hate the duck rice shop!!!
I introduced this place to my boyboy and he told his friend that his "friend" introduced to him wor.Then sammore want to taakle taakle the girl say want to bring her therer. I so hate!
I want to cry when I heard my best friend told me about this. Why is he so bad to me wor..he no love me? ~~(≧.≦)