Wednesday, January 14, 2009

p/s I Love You?

I've read the book and I've finished watching the movie just yesterday *old movie, sudden urge to download the movie to watch*

Hmm... I can say that I don't really like the movie. It's really not like what the book is. Plus, it's not as touching that could bring tears
(I cried while reading the 1st page.. only the 1st page) and not as funny and hilarious as what some of the characters should be. Plus, the little sister is not as crazy and eccentric. No PINK hair!!

It's pretty much a waste I think, as the movie could do much better. The whole movie does not leave a big impact too and I do not know why, I am still a little annoyed at how the movie was as it really does not reflect the book at all.

I sense a deja vu here for what happened with Twilight and Da Vinci Code.