Monday, January 12, 2009

evil nails

My long fingernails are driving me crazy..
this is the first time ever I realized that my nails are longer than usual and surprisingly, they don't crack this time.
(I did not intend to keep them this long at all. It grew till so long without me noticing)

how my long nails are pissing me off:
1. I cant type properly. worst case typing on a laptop
2. I cant press the keypad on my handphone properly.

3. I keep scratching other people accidentally and even myself. I have a small cut at the side of my neck now.
4. I cant take off my contact lens. Today, I took the longest time to take them off and the nails keep scratching and poking on my eyeballs. Yeah.. that sounds really awful and gross and I cant understand why of all the years I have been wearing those, I felt like a beginner who cant even take the lenses off just now. -> This is the worst case that made me go ranting here.
5. It's hard to shampoo my hair.
6. I cant switch on and switch off anything properly. Had to use my toe. Imagine that..
7. Cant open bottles' cap or rubber cap of vitamins bottle or can drinks.
8. It's not even that really long. I really cant imagine how thos
e with long manicures are gonna do.

Evil Nails