Wednesday, January 07, 2009

beading all the way

during the holidays, i picked up something new, perhaps a new found hobby - Beading!

i'm a total beginner here. Just took this up to mak
e some jewellery for myself and for the people who r close to me.. first trial - a necklace for Chinese New Year.

Blossom Breeze
- the whole necklace is inspired by the
Chinese/ Oriental theme, blossoms, flowers, reddish to slightly pinkish to match the CNY mood. I actually modified a little on this necklace from the first design that actually has a flowerish toggle clasp as i found out it does not carry well for the charms are too heavy in the middle. Therefore, i settled with a lobster clasp and a flower spacer in the middle.

materials: flower charm spacer, a butterfly charm, clay white rose, cloisonne beads (flowers theme, white & red), cat's eye beads & some pearls

First design with the flower toggle clasp in the middle

Modified with the flower spacer charm in the middle to hold the 'stuffs'

Pics are still quite blurred. I'm still wondering how to take proper pictures of jewellery. Do we really need a really good camera or SLR to do the job? It's quite annoying when u can't turn on the lights else they will reflect light, or turned out blurred. Need to use natural lightning but it's quite dim in the room. I've tried my best to photoshop the pictures to make the necklace and the beads to stand out..