Thursday, February 26, 2009

sponge bob no pants

one more day to go and i am done for sap functional hr training! since the first week, i have been studying and learning on the different modules and absorbing as much as i can as a sponge. my head is heavy already now.

one thing, i really do enjoy this training class as the trainer is such a funny guy and blunt. ;-)

some of the random things:

lunch - drove out to SS17 to this place with the famous non-halal nasi lemak with PORK rendang/ pork sambal..

Thumbs up for it!

a souvenir from my colleague who went to holiday in Bangkok. thanks :D

dinner at this famous place near MPPJ - Teochew Duck Rice.

tasted quite authentic as I feel that this is how duck meat should taste like. Love the texture of the meat as well. The place was also really really packed that night.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jazz Night

A colleague of mine casually asked me to join them to a live jazz performance in KL on the eve of Valentine's Day. Thinking that it will not be so nice to turn him down and also, it was nice of him to even ask me as I am still new there, I said yes.

I've never been to a Jazz performance, often thinking that it's just not my thing. But I could say that I actually enjoyed the night and the music in the end of the night. The beginning of it was a little okay for me, as I'm still not really used to the music,but after sitting for almost half an hour, I started to enjoy it very much, of course with the beers and the stories from the 2 girls. It has been awhile since I've laughed so hard. Thanks for inviting me. =)

The jazz nite was actually held in No Black Tie somewhere near Jalan Ceylon. It was a small little place yet cozy and really would make a great place to bring your date to. Too bad, my phone was out of battery and I cant take any pictures. will be waiting for some pics from my colleague. There were only 4 men, the pianist - Micheal V, the double bass guy - who looked like some pakcik that sells Ramli burger (no kidding!). he was wearing a worn out shirt and was sweating alot, hahaha, the sexy-phone man and the last but not the least, also, the most good looking guy of the nite, goes to the drummer. Boy, he is cute. and young too!

Some info on the event:



is regarded as one of Malaysia's foremost musician with a career spanning over 30 years encompassing every aspect of music. A graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music, his name is synonymous with Jazz and he enjoys a reputation of being one of the finest jazz pianists in the region. His wide range of experience has seen him work with the best names in the industry as a performer in his own right, Musical Director, Composer, Music Producer and Arranger.

Rachel Guerzo

RACHEL GUERZO, a third generation jazz vocalist and pianist from a long line of musicians, have been performing professionally since the young age of 16. Lauded for her ability to command pitch and dynamics on the piano as well as vocals, Rachel draws her audience into her paradigm of romance and a swinging good time leaving them naturally wanting more…

Micheal Veerapen - He definitely looked so much younger in this photo.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 random things?

what is this craze about the 25 things in facebook now? I've been tagged by some of my friends to do this, but I choose not to post it in facebook as I don't feel like filtering things for some of the not so close people in my friends list.

My List:

1. I do a lot of reverse psychology on myself. When I want something, I tell myself the opposite and I get what I want in the end. When I need to pass an exam, I tell myself and imagined that I am being told that I failed. In the end, I passed. Etc, etc. I have to say the opposite of the things that I wished for, in order to get what I really want.

2. I often asked for 'help' from the dead people that I know when I am in trouble. Eg. my grandmother & a friend. Still do. No 'why?'.

3. I used to have an Imaginary friend named 'Clive' when I was younger. Yes I do talk to him and he really does have a face!

4. I'm afraid of clowns, mascots & lizards the most.

5. I sew clothes for my barbie doll. I even made her a high school pinafore (the light blue one)

6. I thought of scarring my dad by attempting to commit suicide when I was a kid.

7. Used to do fashion shows every now and then with my sister when I was around 9 - 11 years old.

8. I cut my sister's hair. I think I'm pretty good at it.

9. I actually love my job and what I do in the previous company.

10. I eat ice cream (drumstick) by biting and not licking.

11. My mum accidentally found a Durex in my wallet when I was still in high school. That was a sample given and she didn't know it but acted cool with it.

12. I watched porn with my mum before.

13. I have the complete collection of the Snoopy dogs from McDs. Dad wanted to sell them off so I hid them all in my mum's closet till now.

14. I am a very very loud person when I am at home. Laughed the loudest, talked the loudest, do the craziest thing, etc.

15. I can be very choosy in being friendly with a person. I can be very firiendly, or extremely quiet.

16. I "rescued" my lil bro from those stupid bullies once which made my bro had sticthes and a scar under his chin now.

17. There's a laughing bug inside of me. I can laugh at almost anything and everything. I even laughed when I was in the toilet out of a sudden after recalling back at someone's face expression.

18. I have a habit of NOT closing the door when I am bathing, or closing the curtains when I am changing.

19. I'm obsessed with mineral pigments and beads now.

20. I have weird repeating dreams of being chased by a lion and my teeth falling down (which I actually can really feel it and checking for my teeth the first thing I wake up) for years now.

21. The first coffee that doesn't give me migraine is the Premium Coffee from McDs. Which I really love for now. HAHAH

22. I prefer to wait for people than to let people waiting for me.

23. I always wished and imagined that I had super powers.

24. I am so disgusted at and looked down on those people who are stingy with their knowledge.

25. I do think my car has a soul. :D