Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mad about Coach Wristlets!

"The authentic Coach wristlet is the perfect size for a night on the town when all you need is room for some cash and a credit card. The Coach wristlet, smallest of the Coach handbags line, can be worn dangling from the wrist or carried loosely in hand. This wristlet is stylishly chic and extremely popular with the teenage set and is fast becoming a standard gift at graduation time. The 12” strap with clip for attaching to the inside of a larger handbag, or to form a wrist strap is included and the stunning designs and dazzling colorings provide notice that this another example of the legendary Coach creativity on display. The Coach wristlet is the perfect alternative to a larger handbag for the dynamic woman who is always on the go. "

I wanted to get one for myself too!! I love them and hate them so much because there are just so many different styles and looks and this made it even worst for me to make a choice... Well, I can't be buying more of this else I'm gonna burn my pocket real bad. =(

Some tiny tiny wristlets to share...