Sunday, June 06, 2010

BB Cream review: Dr.Jart+ Silver label

Since my HG L'egere BB cream is running low, I thought of getting another tube but alas, there are so many other brands of BB cream in the market and I thought that I should give other brands at try as well. We just have to continue searching and trying out new things, right? :P

So, I came across the brand Dr. Jart+ and I was pretty impressed by the good reviews it had received. And after a few days of thinking and researching, I decided to get it.

There are actually 2 star products for their BB Cream, the famous Black label and Silver label. I think there's a Blue label too. These suddenly reminds me of Johnnie Walker and my drinking session on this coming friday, hahah. *this was when i wrote this and was in draft before this, haha*

Anyway, I didn't quite understand what are the differences between those different colors of labels and the descriptions weren't really helpful.
All I get was;

Black label - it was described as the Detox Healing BB cream that has the functionalities of whitening, wrinkle reduce & UV protection

Silver label - it was described as the Rejuvenating BB cream and has the functionalities of whitening and UV protection. It also claims to control sebum.

So, from that, I get the idea that Black label is more of falling into the "anti-aging" product category. I thought of getting Black label in the first place. I mean why not, since it has the additional anti-aging formula. However, I was lucky enough to ask the seller again on what is the difference and she actually told me that Black label is meant for dry skin and Silver label is meant for combination/normal skin. Interesting huh? I mean, this is really an important piece of information for me. So girls, you should take note of this if you're interested to try! =)

And since I have normal to combination skin, I purchased the silver label bb cream. It has SPF35/PA++ too so therefore, I don't think I need to wear sunblock underneath this bb cream. :P
note: it is stated in the website - "No need to wear additional sun protectors nor foundation".

Some of the main ingredients of this BB cream are:

  • Arbutin - whitening effect

  • Pore Purifying Complex - oxygenation effect

  • Hyaluronic Acid - natural moisturizing effect

  • Coenzyme Q10 - tightening effect

  • Centella asiatica extract - protecting and soothing effect

So, how do I find this BB cream?

Texture wise, I find it more watery than L'egere but it's not really that runny. It blends prefectly too on skin even on a non-moisturized skin. It blends well with finger application, sponge application and even with a flat top brush. I have not tried applying it with a foundation brush though. However, different applications kind of give me different finish and different results in terms of staying power/ concealing power.

Personally, I think it gives the best coverage when blend with sponge or finger. I get a much more sheer coverage when I use a flat top brush. After application, I would say my skin looked lumimous and dewy and just perfect. However, sometimes, the staying power isn't  really that good as I think it just melts in the hot weather in my country (Malaysia). Blame the weather, haha. And yes, it has been a really hot hot time of the year now. :S

Anyway, if I finished my face with loose powder, the BB cream stays longer too. I might only need to blot once during the day. Most of the time I think my complexion still looks "okay" after office hours and I still see the 'glow'. *wink* Therefore, for oil control wise, I would rate it 4/5.

Oh ya, another thing is, I think it will take a long while for me to finish up this tube of BB cream since I only need to use a minimal pea-sized of the product. Sometimes, I still have some leftovers on my hand. I only need to use so little of this each time because it's just so super blendable and goes so smoothly~

What I do each time is to just let a drop of the cream on my hand and use my finger to transfer the BB cream to my face by dotting each and every corner of my face before blending it. This is a tips I learnt  from some Japanese make up artist. They claimed that by leaving the BB cream dots on the face for a few seconds before blending gives you better coverage and stay.  

To sum it all up, I kinda like this BB cream ^.^

Bought this online from
Retails at around RM80-RM130/ USD25-30.
"ask for discounts" :D


Crystal/Cherry said...

Great review! Yeah, I like L'egere, but I wish the texture is a little lighter, I might try this one then. Thanks a lot!^0^

Crystal/Cherry said...

Great review! Yeah, I like L'egere, but I wish the texture is a little lighter, I might try this one then. Thanks a lot!^0^

Crystal/Cherry said...

Great review! Yeah, I like L'egere, but I wish the texture is a little lighter, I might try this one then. Thanks a lot!^0^

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I am so happy you reviewed the Dr Jart BB cream! I've been looking to purchase this one. Didn't know there was a difference for dry skin and combo :D Glad you mentioned this! I love the L'gere one too. I'm currently using the one in the pink bottle :)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i have already opened this bb cream & im using it now... though i can't exactly do a review yet but i think it's ok...

i made a post about the different dr jart+ bb creams on my post too & the anti-aging bb cream that they have is the gold label..

the green label is for normal skin.

BB Cream Queen said...

Nice review! Lol at the Johnnie Walker reference :) Dr.Jart also a gold're definitely bang on with the Johnnie Walker comparison ^^