Thursday, September 11, 2008

true spa, not DIY spa

I have been receiving calls from True Spa, Jaya33 few weeks ago for a complimentary massage, being said to be introduced by a friend of mine, who apparently, I could not recall such a name :D

Well nevermind of that, coz I could not make an appointment with them and I keep missing their calls. Dunno why do they call me at odd hours all the time..


But.. but, but.. I went there yesterday night and got myself a complimentary 1 as well. The place was cozy, ambience was nice, relaxing.. Stripped off for a Sabahan old lady and I almost dozed off. It was great, it was painful, but I somehow love this type of pain and can bear with it.. Felt so nice that I think I might be going back there again. Went to check out the "VIP" room as well, customised for couples to do their massage together, hydrobath together, soaking in the jacuzzi together, and mabbe, could shower together and have some romantic moments... hahaha *No pics ler... too busy checking out the place** Oh ya, another thing that really caught my attention was the "CHOCOLATE" bath!! OOh.. so wanna try that out.. Want to feel being pampered.