Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 random things?

what is this craze about the 25 things in facebook now? I've been tagged by some of my friends to do this, but I choose not to post it in facebook as I don't feel like filtering things for some of the not so close people in my friends list.

My List:

1. I do a lot of reverse psychology on myself. When I want something, I tell myself the opposite and I get what I want in the end. When I need to pass an exam, I tell myself and imagined that I am being told that I failed. In the end, I passed. Etc, etc. I have to say the opposite of the things that I wished for, in order to get what I really want.

2. I often asked for 'help' from the dead people that I know when I am in trouble. Eg. my grandmother & a friend. Still do. No 'why?'.

3. I used to have an Imaginary friend named 'Clive' when I was younger. Yes I do talk to him and he really does have a face!

4. I'm afraid of clowns, mascots & lizards the most.

5. I sew clothes for my barbie doll. I even made her a high school pinafore (the light blue one)

6. I thought of scarring my dad by attempting to commit suicide when I was a kid.

7. Used to do fashion shows every now and then with my sister when I was around 9 - 11 years old.

8. I cut my sister's hair. I think I'm pretty good at it.

9. I actually love my job and what I do in the previous company.

10. I eat ice cream (drumstick) by biting and not licking.

11. My mum accidentally found a Durex in my wallet when I was still in high school. That was a sample given and she didn't know it but acted cool with it.

12. I watched porn with my mum before.

13. I have the complete collection of the Snoopy dogs from McDs. Dad wanted to sell them off so I hid them all in my mum's closet till now.

14. I am a very very loud person when I am at home. Laughed the loudest, talked the loudest, do the craziest thing, etc.

15. I can be very choosy in being friendly with a person. I can be very firiendly, or extremely quiet.

16. I "rescued" my lil bro from those stupid bullies once which made my bro had sticthes and a scar under his chin now.

17. There's a laughing bug inside of me. I can laugh at almost anything and everything. I even laughed when I was in the toilet out of a sudden after recalling back at someone's face expression.

18. I have a habit of NOT closing the door when I am bathing, or closing the curtains when I am changing.

19. I'm obsessed with mineral pigments and beads now.

20. I have weird repeating dreams of being chased by a lion and my teeth falling down (which I actually can really feel it and checking for my teeth the first thing I wake up) for years now.

21. The first coffee that doesn't give me migraine is the Premium Coffee from McDs. Which I really love for now. HAHAH

22. I prefer to wait for people than to let people waiting for me.

23. I always wished and imagined that I had super powers.

24. I am so disgusted at and looked down on those people who are stingy with their knowledge.

25. I do think my car has a soul. :D